Island Life

Life Is Adventure

Living on an island in Canada is not for the faint of heart. We get here by ferry, which is frigid for several months of the year. Sometimes the ice and snow make it impossible to get “downtown” to work, and the collection of stores and houses are all shut up tighter than drums. The ferry to the mainland for groceries is habitable only in its belly: the warm inner cabin has huge windows which look out on blocks of ice bobbing in the river.

We wouldn’t have it any other way, though. We know when spring arrives before anyone in the city, because the ducks and birds come back. Along the edges of the river new reeds poke up and we can feel growing things pushing up through the melting snow.

And them come our main summer animal: tourists! They come with smiles and ice creams and the love everything. It is for these adventurous travellers that our store was created. We love life here on the island so much that we wanted to send a little piece home with each and every one of our visitors.

What do you bring back from your adventures?

When you do come over for a day trip with a friend, your new beau, or your daughter, how would you mark the occasion? For us, we’ve discovered SF Designs. These little charms are the perfect memento to take home with you, creating a reminder of your visit to Wolfe Island that also adds grace and loveliness all year round. After many years, you will look at your SF Design and remember the sun, the wind and the ferry ride…that perfect lick of strawberry ice cream and the smile on your loved ones face.

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